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WDZ metal tube floater flowmeter
Product overview
The metal tube float flowmeter (metal tube rotor flowmeter) is a kind of variable area flow measuring instrument commonly used in the process control of industrial automation. It has the characteristics of small volume, wide detection range and convenient operation. It can be used to measure the flow rate of liquid, gas and steam, especially for low flow and small flow measurement. Over the years, metal tube floater flowmeter has been widely applied in petrochemical, iron and steel, electric power, metallurgy, light industry, food, pharmaceutical, water treatment and other industries because of its excellent performance and reliability and good performance price ratio.
Functional characteristics
It is suitable for small and medium caliber flow low velocity measurement
The small amount of maintenance, reliable work, long service life
For the straight pipe section is not high
The wide range of the ratio of 10: 1
The double line LCD display instantaneous / cumulative flow field
The keyboard indicator set, convenient operation
The metal structure, suitable for high temperature, high pressure and strong corrosive medium
The non-contact magnetic coupling drive
It can be used in flammable and explosive occasions
The optional DC power supply or battery power supply mode
With the data recovery, data backup and power-off protection function
The multi parameter calibration function
The meter diameter D N 15, D N 25, D N 50, D N 80, D N 100, D N 150 (the other caliber please consultation with the manufacturer)
The liquid flow range: 1 ~ 150000 L / h gas: 0.05 ~ 3000 m / 3 h (see page 89 flow range of flow meter)
Long range ratio 10: 1, 20, 1 (special)
The precision of level 1.5, level 1 (special)
The pressure level D N 15, D N 25, D N 5 0:4.0 M P a (maximum of 20 M P a)
D N 80, D N 100, D N 15 0:1.6 M P a (maximum: D N 8 0:10; 15
The medium temperature standard: 30 ~ + - 120 DEG C, at 120 to 350 DEG C
The W D Z series metal tube float flowmeter is mainly composed of two parts: sensors and indicators. The sensor is mainly composed of connecting flange, measuring cone, float and up and down guiders. The indicator is mainly composed of shell, magnetic drive system, dial and electric remote transmission system. In the vertical cone measuring tube, there is a measuring unit that can move up and down, the float (Figure 1). When the fluid flows from the bottom to the cone, the float is subjected to the force of the fluid and moves upwards along the conical tube. When the flow rate of the fluid increases, the displacement of the float increases; conversely, when the flow of the fluid decreases, the displacement of the float is small. That is to say, the size of the fluid flow determines the position of the float in the measuring tube, which determines the size of the annular area between the float and the conical tube. When the flow rate of the fluid is kept at a constant flow rate of Q, the float is also in a dynamic equilibrium state, and it stays in a position h of the conical tube. At this time, the annular area between the float and the conical tube is kept constant. The float is affected by three forces: the gravity G of the float, the buoyancy F of the float, and the force P of the fluid, which balance the three forces. According to the Bernoulli equation of fluid dynamics, the principle of force balance and the law of fluid continuity, we can calculate the instantaneous fluid flow through the annular area at this time, so the metal tube floater flowmeter is the principle of measuring the flow with variable area.
In the interior of the float, a high performance permanent magnet is inlaid. When the float is in a balanced position, a uniform and stable magnetic field is formed around the float. On the outside of the conical pipe, the installation of a magnetic sensor, thus, can be linear displacement measuring tube float through non-contact pass to the indicator, by detecting and processing, finally displayed on the dial indicator or output corresponding to the standard of 4 ~ 20 m A current signal.


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