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Floating ball level switch

The WKM floating ball level switch uses magnetic force and has no mechanical connector, and its operation is simple and reliable. When the floating ball switch is measured by the floating float of the medium, the float drives the body to move, while the magnet on the other end of the float controls the magnet on the switch action rod. A wide range of applications: water treatment, food, medicine, chemical, electronic, ship, textile, and textile,

Hydraulic and other industries can be applied.


main features

The principle is simple, the performance is stable, the working life is long, and the AC220V, AC/DC24V circuit can be used.

All the imported magnetic spring switches are used, and the service life of the contact can be as high as 10 times

The multi point and remote control can be realized simply and conveniently according to the needs.

The magnetic spring switch and wire are completely isolated from the measured medium, and it can be used reliably under high pressure and high pressure.

Multi-channel material: SUS, PP, PVC, PVDF and so on, many kinds of installation: flange, thread, health fast card and so on, can meet the different needs of the environment.

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