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putting-into-type liquid level meter

The WKL input static pressure level gauge is based on the principle that the hydrostatic pressure is proportional to the liquid height. The piezoresistive effect of diffused silicon or ceramic sensing element is used to transform the static pressure into electrical signal. Temperature compensation and linear correction. Convert into 4~20 m A D C standard current signal output. The sensor part of the W K L input liquid level transmitter

Directly into the liquid, the transmitter part can be fixed with flanges or brackets, and it is very convenient to install and use.


Good stability and high precision

Directly inserted into the measured medium, it is convenient to use.

Solid structure, high reliability, long service life

Water, oil and medium with large viscosity can be measured with high precision.

A wide range of temperature compensation.

It has the reverse polarity protection of the power supply and the overload current limiting protection.

Technical characteristics

The resistance to overload and impact resistance is strong; the overvoltage can reach to a hundred times the range.

Strong stability: superior to 0.1% full range

The temperature drift is small: because of the cancellation of the intermediate fluid in the measuring element, the sensor has been obtained very much.

High measurement accuracy and less affected by temperature

Strong anti-interference ability

Wide application: the product has a variety of models, multiple process connection forms, multiple process connection materials.

It can be applied to various occasions in the measurement.

Easy installation: the product is reasonable in structure, small in size and light in weight; it can be installed at any position directly.

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