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Insertion rod type liquid level transmitter

Working voltage: 12-30VDC
Output signal: 4-20mA (second line)
Gauge measuring range: 0 ~ 10KPa60MPa
Absolute pressure: 0 ~ 100KPa ~ 10MPa
Negative pressure: -0.1MPa to 2MPa
Precision: (1) accuracy grade 0.2, 0.5
Stability is better than 0.1%FS/ years
Position influence installation position does not affect zero point
Permissible temperature: (1) normal working temperature -20 ~ 70 C
(2) -20 ~ 80 C

The WKT inserting lever type transmitter adopts the most advanced electronic ceramic capacitor technology, and has no intermediate fluid dry pressure measurement technology and thick film electronic technology design and manufacture.

The introduction of the international advanced level sensing diaphragm has two distinct technical differences compared with the current diffused silicon level transmitter. The first is the use of measuring elements.

Emerging ceramic materials. First, there is no liquid in the measuring element, which is completely solid. Therefore, it has superior technical properties and is widely applied to petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy and environmental protection.

Liquid level measurement in food, water conservancy and other industries.

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