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Magnetostrictive liquid level meter

Range: 300 ~ 24000mm (customizable according to user requirements)
Temperature measurement range: -40~105 C
Liquid level: Interface
Temperature: less than 0.1%FS
Less than 0.1%FS
Less than 0.5 DEG C
Power supply voltage: +12VDC+24VDC
Output form: two line 4~20mADC, RS-485 digital signal
The nonlinearity is superior to: + 0.2%FS (maximum error 1mm below 500mm)
Repeatability error: better than + 0.01%FS
Resolution: better than + 0.01%FS
Temperature influence: + 0.01%FS/ C

Magnetostrictive liquid level gauge is a high-precision instrument applied to liquid level measurement of liquid storage tanks, and can simultaneously measure two media interface and multi-point temperature. It can be intelligent. The display device and the upper computer together constitute the tank level monitoring and management system, which is widely used in many fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, water treatment, medicine and so on.
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