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LBFS position switch
Sweep signal: 100. ...... 180 M H Z
Ambient temperature: - 40. ...... 85 C
Medium temperature: - 40. ...... 115
P: my protection level 67 (I E C 529)
Medium pressure resistance: maximum 100 B A R
Installation way: any position
Electrical connection: 5 meters, 4 wire
Power: 1 two. ...... 30 V C D M A (3, 5)
Repeatability: + 1 M M
Response time: 0. One second (100 M S)
Power supply voltage range: 24. ...... 30 V D C
The output and output maximum of 20 m A, with short circuit and high temperature protection:
Output type P or n:P N P N

The LBFS position switch is designed for the detection of the location in the storage tank, the separation of the medium, the air pipe detection or the pump air protection. The sensor probe sends a high frequency scanning signal to the tank. The dielectric forms capacitance with the probe and the metal tank wall or metal attachment. When the scanning frequency is the same as the capacitance frequency, it generates resonance, and outputs the switch point signal. The frequency of the capacitor depends on the dielectric constant (DK) of the dielectric.

Two kinds of output signals are provided: NO and NC. A hand operator can be used to adjust the signal damping time in the case of the fluctuation of the material position (such as the filling process of the tank). In addition, the normally open and normally closed output signals can be reversed.

The measurement accuracy is high and is not affected by the location of the installation in the tank. In software, different compensation values can be set for foam, bubble, condensate and viscous medium.

The software also has a regulating function that allows the user to adjust the sensor according to the specific medium type.

The LBFS position switch can measure the liquid level of liquid medium such as water and oil, and can also measure the material position of dry solid medium, such as coal dust or plastic particles.

The LBFS switch can be equipped with PNP output and NPN output.

The sealing of the process connection is simple. PTFE tape or special welding joint (for sanitary application) can be used.

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