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Revolving gauge

WZO zirconia oxygen analyzer is made up of converter and detector (commonly known as oxygen probe). On the detector core element zirconia concentration cell, nanomaterials and advanced production processes are adopted, and additives for inhibiting electrode aging are added on the electrode coating. The precision and service life of the zirconia measuring probe are greatly improved. The detector adopts direct insertion probe structure without sampling system, which can timely reflect the combustion status of the boiler. If it is used with the automatic control device, it can control the combustion status effectively. The converter is intelligent designed by single chip microcomputer, and the Chinese LCD display makes data display and function control more humanized. It can connect with all kinds of D C S data access devices.
Answer. It makes the operation of the instrument simple and easy to master.
There are two forms of analyser: split and one.
The analyzer has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, fast response, wide measurement range, and is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, heating, building materials, electronics, petrochemical and other industries, analysis of oxygen content in flue gas in various industrial boilers and furnaces, improve combustion efficiency, saving energy, reducing environmental pollution.

Strong versatility, can directly replace the other brands of zirconia oxygen analyzer.
Big screen blue and white L C D display, full Chinese menu.
The oxygen quantity range is set free within 0-25% (the minimum range of 0-5%).
Repeatability: (excluding gas is a natural convection mode)
Set the maximum range of range of + 0.5% (not greater than 0 ~ 25 V O L% O 2 range)
Set the maximum range of range of + 1% (not more than 0 ~ 25 V O L% O 2 reach 0 ~ 100 V O L% O 2 range)
Linearity: (except for standard gas error)
(reference to natural gas is the gas except)
(using a gas of known oxygen concentration (within the range of measurements) as a zero point gas and a calibrating gas of the range)
Set the maximum range of + 1%; not more than 0 ~ 25 V O L% O 2 range.
Ambient temperature: - 20 ~ + 55 C (the temperature on the surface of the box can be - 5 ~ + 70 C)
Humidity range: 0 ~ 95% R H (without condensation)
Temperature using P I D temperature control, constant temperature point 700 C and 750 C (field selection).
The alarm indicator of the upper and lower limit of oxygen can be set up, and the temperature and lower limit alarm can be indicated.
The background power one key correction.
The standard gas can be calibrated online.
4-20 m A standard current output is isolated from the main circuit, and can be directly transmitted into the D C S system.
Multiple fault information hints.

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