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Tuning fork position switch

WKY tuning fork level switch is easy to measure materials with different status and density due to amplitude adjustable. It is suitable for all kinds of silos, solid materials, and location of liquid level in various window containers.

Police or control.

Solid materials: fly ash, cement, stone powder, plastic particles, salt, sugar and so on.

Liquid medium: water, acid, alkali, mud, pulp, dyestuff, oil, milk, drink and so on.

The WKY series tuning fork level switch is made up of two parts, the sending fork body and the amplifier. Two groups of pressure point crystals are pressed at the root of the fork body, one group acts as a driver, and the driving fork stock vibrates.

As a detector, the group is used to convert the fork vibration into a voltage signal. When the fork is blocked, the amplitude of the shock period becomes smaller and the relay outputs the switch signal.

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