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Ultrasonic transmitter
Measurement types: solid 0.3~20m, liquid 0.3~ 8m, open channel 0.3~15m
Precision: 0.25%
Temperature: -40 ~ 70 C
Protection level: 1P65 (converter IP65, sensor IP67)
Probe material: 316 stainless steel or aluminum
Operating pressure: normal pressure
Process connection: 2 "NPT or 2" BSP
Size: 289 x 107 x 85mm
0 launch angle: 5 @3db
Display: 4 bit LCD7 segment digital display
Output: 4 20mA with HART output
Power supply: 220VAC, 24VDC
Transducer: 25kHz

The WKU-1 intelligent integrated ultrasonic level transmitter can be directly installed on the storage tank and reactor. It is a two wire power supply 4 to 20MA output device, and has LCD display, ABS shell, and the sensor interface is 2 "thread". WYU-1 is the best choice for the measurement of the liquid and solid positions within 20 meters, with a measurement range of 0.25%.

WKU-2 intelligent ultrasonic transmitter, which is installed in super large process containers, large storage tanks and a number of other large range measurements. It is a 4 line low voltage measuring instrument with a unique graphical function LCD/LED display and can display the chart. According to the different application requirements, the corresponding sensor can be selected.

The WKU-2 intelligent ultrasonic sensor is the best choice for measuring the liquid and solid position within 40 meters, and the measurement accuracy is up to 0.25% of the range. WKU-2 can respond quickly and maintain high reliability in open storage tanks and dusty environments.

The price of ultrasound similar to radar performance makes WKU-2 the most economical choice in the precise measurement of a large range of processes.

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