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High pressure pressure transmitter

Range range: -100kPa... 0 to 35kPa... 100MPa
Pressure type: pressure, absolute pressure, sealing pressure
Power supply: 24V, 12V
Output signals: 4 to 20mA, 1 to 5V, 0 to 5V
Working temperature: -20 C ~ 85 C
Medium temperature: -20 C ~ 150 C; -20 C ~ 300 C
Storage temperature: -40 C ~ 125 C
Zero drift: + 1.5%FS (@ -20 to 85 DEG C)
Sensitivity temperature drift: + 1.5%FS (@ -20 to 85 DEG C)
Overload pressure: 150%FS
Mechanical vibration: 20g (20 ~ 5000HZ)
Impact: 100g (11ms)
Comprehensive accuracy: 0.5 level

Product overview

High temperature pressure transmitter with high temperature pressure sensor as signal measuring element, measured media pressure after the transfer heat dissipation structure on the transmitter to the sensor, the signal processing circuit in high precision stainless steel shell, to convert the output signal of the sensor output signal as the standard.

The whole product has been tested strictly and aged through components, semi-finished products and finished products. Its performance is stable and reliable, so that the product can work steadily for a long time when measuring the pressure of high temperature medium.

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