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WK3000 intelligent pressure / differential pressure transmitter

Product overview

The WK3000 pressure transmitter can accurately measure the pressure and convert it into the output signal of the DC4~20mA. The transmitter adopts silicon micro capacitance sensor and microprocessor made by micro machining technology. It has excellent characteristics and functions, and is compact, lightweight and environmental adaptability, and it is suitable for all fields. If the use of handheld communicator, through remote operation, without affecting the DC4~20m transmitter output signal at the same time, display and setting. The principle of process pressure through the center measuring diaphragm isolation film, one side or both sides of the filling liquid to the chamber, the center diaphragm is a elastic element of tension, for it on both sides of the pressure acting on the difference between the corresponding variable displacement, the displacement and the differential pressure is proportional to the maximum displacement is about O.lmm and the displacement change of differential capacitance the formation of capacitor plates. By electronic circuit the differential capacitance is converted to 4~20mA output signal of the two-wire system.

Technical characteristics

1. high accuracy pressure transmitter can be measured with high accuracy within the range of 1.3~50000kPa. Standard accuracy: + 0.075%, high accuracy type (selection): when the + 0.05% positive and negative zero point migration, there is no need for linearity adjustment.
2. excellent environmental adaptability and advanced floating membrane box protection sensors are not affected by temperature and overvoltage, and the overall measurement error of the field is minimized.
3. excellent operability and simple usability are excellent operable and easy to use in any application. All ranges meet the requirements of explosion-proof. There are 4 digit indicators. There are stainless steel transmission housing, built-in R F I filter and lightning arrester. All kinds of corrosion resistant materials are built, and the local adjustment function is built through 3 keystrokes.
4. use the HART communication protocol.

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