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Armored thermal resistance (wear-resistant)
The armored thermocouple has the advantages of slender, easy to bend, fast heat response time, vibration resistance, high temperature resistance, compression resistance and durability. It can be used as a direct temperature measurement or as an assembly, the inner core element of a thermocouple to replace the traditional porcelain bead string components. The products are especially suitable for the installation of narrow, curved and rapid reaction between pipes and special temperature measuring occasions. The product is suitable for safe and explosion-proof occasions, widely used in petroleum and chemical industry with a variety of production site of flammable and explosive gas, steam.
The armored resistors can be covered with various external protective sleeves, which are filled with high density oxide insulators. They have strong anti pollution performance and excellent mechanical strength, and are suitable for installation in harsh environment.
Armored thermal resistance is the use of material in temperature change, its resistance also changes with the characteristics of the measurement of temperature. When the resistance changes, the working instrument shows the value of the temperature corresponding to the value of the resistance.

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