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Bimetallic thermometer

Temperature measurement range: - 80~500 C
Precision grade:
Bimetallic thermometer: Grade 1 and 1.5
Sheathed platinum thermal resistance: B + (0.30 + / T / 0.005)
K, E type thermocouple sheathed platinum I + 1.5 + 0.004 / T / C or
I I + 2.5 + 0.0075 / T / C or
The thermal response time of double metal outer protection tube diameter of 6 x 0.5
Of 8 x 1 x 1 = 40 S of 10
Of 12 * 1.5 = 60 S
Good: Armor platinum thermal resistance of 14 * 2, the outer protection tube is less than or equal to 90 S
Sheathed platinum thermocouple: of 14 x 2, outer protective tube is less than 90 S
Nominal pressure: less than 6.4 M P a
Angle of head adjustment: 90 degree (limited adjustable angle type)
Ambient temperature: - 20~60 degrees centigrade
Relative humidity: < 85%

WSS series of industrial bimetal thermometer is a suitable measure, low temperature field detection instrument, can be directly measured gas, the temperature of the liquid, widely used in petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, machinery, pharmaceutical, power and other industries, is a substitute for glass thermometer.

WSS industrial bimetal thermometer produced by our factory products complete specifications, including ordinary double metal thermometer, electric contact, adjustable angle type integration, all stainless steel anti-corrosion type double metal thermometer, and a special installation of special type and special type anti-corrosion products, and supporting the production of the outer protection tube, guarantee quality, timely delivery.

This product carries out national professional standard ZB110088-88

Technical characteristics

Without mercury pollution, the temperature can be read at a certain distance.

The structure is strong, vibration resistant and not easy to break.

The variety of specifications is complete, the installation way is more, and the material of the protective tube is selective.

Working principle

The temperature measurement principle of a bimetallic thermometer is the deformation of a double metal temperature sensor with the change of temperature, which drives the pointer to measure the temperature of the measured medium.

The electric contact bimetallic thermometer is a given contact through the upper and lower, when the temperature reaches a given value, the contact is closed and the electrical signal is closed, which plays a control role.

The adjustable angle bimetallic thermometer means that the head can move in the range of 90 degrees. According to user needs, the angle of the head is fixed, and the dial adjustment device is set up, which is convenient for users to check.

The core pulling type adjustable angle bimetallic thermometer means that the temperature measuring part and the protective tube can be split. When the temperature measuring part fails, the inner core can be replaced, which is convenient for users to use.

The bimetal thermal resistance integrated thermometer is to install the armored platinum thermal resistance in the protective tube of the metal meter, and the platinum resistance signal is transmitted far away. The dual metal thermal resistance integrated temperature transmitter is installed in the protective tube of the bimetallic thermometer by the armoured platinum thermal resistance and the platinum thermistor temperature transmitter module. It can not only indicate the field, but also transmit 4~20 m A standard signals.

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