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Special temperature sensor for power plant / Hydropower Station

1, application
In view of the design of the power station, the specialty can meet the temperature measurement requirements of 300 thousand, 600 thousand kilowatts and other generating units and auxiliary machines. The liquid, steam and gas medium as well as the surface temperature of the solid surface in the range of -200 [C~800] C in various production processes are measured directly.

2. The principle of work

The electrode of a thermocouple consists of two materials of different conductors. When there is a temperature difference between the measuring end and the reference end, the thermal potential will be generated, and the working instrument will show the temperature value corresponding to the thermal potential.

Thermal resistance is the use of material in temperature change, its resistance also changes with the characteristics of the measurement of temperature. When the resistance changes, the working instrument shows the value of the temperature corresponding to the value of the resistance.

3. The main technical parameters

Standard of product execution







4, measurement range and allowable difference

Model Indexing number Tolerance grade
Allowable difference Measuring range°C Allowable difference Measuring range°C
WRN K &pluplusmn;1.5°C -40~+375 ±2.5 °C -40~+333
±0.004ltl 375~1000 ±0.0075 ltl 333~1200
WRM N ±1.5°C -40~+375 ±2.5°C -40~+333
±0.004 ltl 375~1000 ±0.0075 ltl 333~1200
WRE E ±1.5°C -40~+375 ±1.5°C -40~+333
±0.004 ltl 375~800 ±0.004 ltl 333~900
WRF J ±1.5°C -40~+375 ±1.5°C -40~+333
±0.004 ltl 375~750 ±0.004 ltl 333~750
WRC T ±1.5°C -40~+125 ±1°C -40~+133
±0.004 ltl 125~350 ±0.0075 ltl 133~350

5. Insulation resistance at normal temperature

The thermal resistance at ambient temperature is 15 - 35 degrees C, the relative humidity is not greater than 80%, the test voltage is 10 - 100V (DC), the insulation resistance between the electrode and the outer tube is >100M ohm.

The thermocouple at the ambient temperature is 20 + 15 C, the relative humidity is not more than 80%, the test voltage is 500 + 50V (DC) electrode and the insulation resistance >1000 Omega.M between the outer sleeve and the outer sleeve.

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