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Integrated temperature transmitter / module
WT series temperature transmitter module, programming setting, can set the input type and range range arbitrarily. Non isolating second line system, 4 ~ 20mA analog output. Compact structure design, small volume, light weight. It is suitable to be installed inside the standard temperature sensor junction box. The product is certified by CE. A two wire transmission mode (the two wires of the power input and the output of the signal). The output current is linear with the measured temperature. The integrated structure is installed in the standard junction box of the temperature sensor. It can be used with the unit combination instrument, DCS, PLC and other systems. It can also be installed in the instrument disk as a signal conversion unit alone. A variety of temperature detection and control systems that are widely used in industrial production. It is suitable for thermal resistance, thermocouple, resistance type or voltage sensor. Intellectualized, connected through the USB interface, on the PC machine
The integrated temperature transmitter is composed of a temperature transmitter module and a temperature sensor. It has a two wire 4-20mA output, and has strong anti-interference ability. The output signal is measured and measured.
The temperature has a linear relationship, and the model is named SWT.
General general parameters
The standard of accuracy: + 0.1% (see the type of temperature sensor, measuring range and measuring error table)
The thermocouple cold end temperature error: + 1 c
The temperature drift error: 10 C /
The response time: < 10 m s
The stable time: < 3 s
The load variation: + 0.1% (allowable load range)
The working environment temperature: - 20 to + 70 degrees
The environmental humidity range: 5 ~ 95% R H (without condensation)
The shell material: P (polycarbonate) material C
The protection grade: I P 00 / I P 54 (sensor rating decision)
The size (see map dimensions): Phi 46 * 20 (m m)
The installation: installed in the junction box in the standard
The machine weight: about 30 grams
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