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Liquid level measurement of a reaction kettle
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        In chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, many organic solvents, such as toluene, xylene, alcohol, acetone, etc., are stored in a sealed tank to measure the level of liquid. Most of the organic solvents have great volatility. In general, the enterprises only consider the explosion protection requirements in the field and do not consider the effect of volatility on the level of liquid level. Therefore, the effect of the selected liquid level meter is not ideal in the actual measurement.。
        At the same time, in the food, medical, chemical and other industries, a large number of reaction kettle is used in the production process. It is difficult to measure the level of the liquid level by the characteristic of high temperature and constant pressure in the reaction kettle.。
        The WDM series magnetostrictive liquid level gauge of Zhuhai Volcker company is not affected by pressure, temperature and medium volatiles. It measures the liquid level with high accuracy and high stability. Low cost, maintenance free, flameproof design and other characteristics, perfect solution to the needs of tank and reactor precision measurement level。

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